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Progress to the New You
Health & Well-Being Guaranteed
The First Step to a Better YOU & a Better LIFE Begins with Making the Right Choices & Building the Right Habits. That Begins HERE.

Benefits & Services

Personal Meal Plans
Let's work together to create the best meal plans and dietary choices to kick your workouts into full throttle and power you throughout the rest of your day.
Custom Training Plan
Weight Loss
Weight loss is one of the most significant & sure-fire ways to improving overall health. It isn't always easy but it's 100% possible with the right game-plan & support. Let's do it together!
Support & Motivation
There are lots of roads to improving general & specific athleticism, whether it's speed, explosiveness, or something in between. Let's choose the best route.
Self-Improvement & Confidence
Weight Lifting
If your goal is muscle-mass & strength, then you've come to the right place. One of the greatest indicators for a long life is strength. So let's make the perfect strength program!
About Evolved Fitness
Ruben Hernandez (Trainer)
Ruben Hernandez
Mission Statement
"I saw that as I got older this nation has gone downhill in health. Doctors are just prescribing medicine to fix everyone's problems that were deeply associated with Mental illnesses and involving in the healing processes of physical injuries as well. I wanted to help teach people that getting up and moving is half the battle; and that developing new and better habits are the base of a good foundation for EVERYTHING that we do in our daily lives. Better attitudes, Better Energy, Better choices, and it is even liked to having a better lifestyle overall! So my question was "why doesn't everyone start on their fitness journey?" My conclusion was that nobody really knows where to start. Anyone can look up articles and read but there's so much misinformation that I've had to shut down so fast because it was harming more people than helping them. I'm here to teach and help people get that good foundation to build off of so they can Evolve into a better version of themselves for the rest of their lives, and to carry on over to generations to come.
About Ruben
From high school football to helping deal with his father's Type-II Diabetes affliction, there have been many events in Ruben's life that have steered him toward a life of fitness. Since then he's made it one of his personal missions to help others reach their health and fitness goals in an effective and disciplined manner. From his own personal trials and physical ailments he has found time & again that a solid foundation of health and fitness has helped him rebound and catch his bearings in virtually all aspects of life. Having begun his personal training journey in Houston under mentors Ken Nguyen & Artis Thompson III, Ruben has returned to Wichita Falls, TX to begin the next phase of his journey of helping anyone wanting & willing to transform into the next version of themselves.
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